Thursday, January 8, 2015


     The progress and prospects of any nation depend upon the Girls Education.  If we look developed countries like Europe we could find the fact.In European
countries women have surpassed men at many level of education.  In 2005/2006 women earn 62% of Associate degrees 58% if Bachelor degrees,60% of Master degrees and 50% Doctorate. For the development of entire Society education of girl is important and essential. The 86th constitution amendment act 2002 has been the path breaking steps towards the growth of education in India.  In this act elementary  education is fundamental right for Children the ages at 8-14 free education.

     Girls education class has been conducted to  students of VIIIth Standard to Xth Standard on 8/01/15.H.M welcomed and inaugurated the class.  Dr.Sowmya Zameer Psychiatrist took class. Students actively  attended the class and gained knowledge.  As a whole the class is very helpful to the girls students at present and in future.   and Mrs.Nalini